Meet Dr. Argiris

My name is Konstantinos Argiris and I am a Consultant specialist in facial plastics, ENT and head and neck surgery. Welcome to my website.

Dr. Argiris

I initially became a Biochemist in 2002 having gained a Bachelors and Masters degree from two of the most prestigious London based universities in the United Kingdom.

My heart was longing for a career change however which is why I got into medicine. Being able to interact with patients and help them directly were my key driving forces and so I ended up with my medical degree in 2007 from Barts and The London School of Medicine. I spent four years as a junior doctors in London and Essex and subsequently entered the ENT higher specialist training program within the South London and Kent, Surrey and Sussex regions. I am particularly proud of this moment as I came 13th in the whole of the UK following a very challenging interview process. Over 6 years I performed more than 2000 procedures while also having worked in some great units such as Guys and St Thomas Hospital and Great Ormond Street Hospital. As a result I got trained by the best surgeons in all ENT subspecialist areas and learned how to perform surgeries of the ear, nose, face, throat and head and neck. Having worked also in one of the best paediatric hospitals in the world, I got trained in highly complex paediatric ENT procedures too.

Following my training, I completed a fellowship program in facial plastics with one of the best known surgeons in the UK and the world, Mr Alwyn D’Souza. I was able to hone my surgical skills in advanced facial plastics procedures such as rhinoplasty, facelift surgery and blepharoplasty. I also learned the art of Botox and fillers that can be used on their own or complement the surgeries very nicely as well. My training also involved working closely with dermatologists excising and reconstructing facial skin cancer lesions as well as treating cosmetic patients. As a result I got trained in all aspects of the Facial Plastics curriculum.

Having completed my training I worked as an ENT Consultant in London, aside my facial plastics mentor. I subsequently worked in Chester Hospital as Thyroid lead prior to deciding to come back to Greece.

Throughout my career I have been involved in various projects while having published books and papers. I have also presented my academic work in numerous conferences. I have also participated in various teaching based activities, including being examiner of the Brighton and Sussex Medical School.

In my spare time I enjoy playing the guitar and piano. I am also a keen sportsman and other than general fitness activities I love playing basketball and tennis. I am always keen however to learn new sports given the chance. Due to my facial plastics background I recently got involved in photography that I have really enjoyed. Finally, I do like travelling and exploring new places as well as its food and wine.

What do we do?

Having learned from the best in the United Kingdom, my aim is to offer all of my patients the highest standard of care. We offer a comprehensive facial plastics service covering surgical and non-surgical treatments. While treating all common ear, nose, throat and head and neck conditions that affect adults and children we also assess and treat allergy and sleep disorders. We finally also offer a complete thyroid evaluation offering supportive, medical and surgical treatments where necessary.